Portafilter.net Podcast #104

Portafilter Podcast Episode 104

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters and TruBru.com

Summary: World Coffee Events/SCAE Competition Wrap-Up, “The SPRUDGE Radio Minute,” we talk about the recent Twitter debacle, “At The Cupping Table” with Trish and Colleen, and we answer a couple of calls and discuss grinders and hipsters in coffee.

Duration: 1h 16m 10s

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One Response to Portafilter.net Podcast #104

  1. scott lucey says:

    re: hipsters – i think if there’s the opinion that hipsters don’t even want to admit they are one, I might… MIGHT… consider defending the stereotype. I think it’s interesting to consider how most Kerouac writings include the word hipster in a way that’s self-described/self-appointed and considering this word a hipster is surely someone who’s a part of a ‘counter-culture.’
    I don’t think it’s a media created word, perhaps it comes from the beat generation. Perhaps, it’s annoying b/c hipsters appear to look like they’re effortless but to most people it’s clear they try to look one way or another… Hipster might also be annoying because so many embrace the same trends, which ISNT a behavior of a counter-culturalist. In that case, let’s make fun of people for being ‘bad hipsters’ or ‘fake hipsters’ – yes, it’s stupid but the sociologist in me can’t help but contribute in the cultural analyst of we humans.

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