PODCAST: Peter Giuliano – The Portafilter Interviews

Peter Giuliano – The Portafilter Interviews

BROUGHT TO YOU BY TruBru.com and Kalita USA, and Hasbean.

A nice chat with my friend Peter Giuliano, the Symposium Director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Duration: 1h 21m 55s

Show music: “Desert Song” by Samuel Kim. http://www.samueljosephkim.com

Email: podcast@portafilter.net
Twitter: @pfpodcast @nickcho @petergiuliano
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2 Responses to PODCAST: Peter Giuliano – The Portafilter Interviews

  1. You mentioned a book at the end of the podcast with Peter. What was the name of the book. Keep up the good work! I live in Brazil and the internet is my only source of new coffee information. So your work helps me out alot. I listened to the podcast while roasting this morning.Thanks!

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