PODCAST: Ashley Meets Ric Rhinehart Part 1

Ashley Meets Ric Rhinehart Part 1

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Specialty Coffee Association of America Executive Director Ric Rhinehart stops by the Portafilter Podcast studios in this first of a two-parter, where we go to school about some of the realities of coffee production and consumer outreach beyond what most of the industry is talking about. WARNING: Some of this is intensely technical and may not appeal to every listener, but we were engrossed!

Duration: 58m 17s

Show music:
“Babies in Love” by BUNT. http://itsbunt.bandcamp.com/
“Stretch Your Face” TOBACCO
“Elastic Heart” Sia

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One Response to PODCAST: Ashley Meets Ric Rhinehart Part 1

  1. Great interview! Keep them coming!

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