Portafilter Podcast

Since 2005, the Portafilter.net Podcast has been nothing less than the most dynamic media source in the global coffee industry.

Produced and hosted by Nicholas Cho, co-hosted by Mark Inman, the Portafilter.net Podcast tackles complex topics and issues in specialty coffee by looking at them from multiple angles, taking the time necessary, and always with the goal of moving the industry forward. Oh, and maybe it’s entertaining!

The easiest way to subscribe to the podcast is through iTunes. Click this link to go to the Portafilter Podcast on iTunes Music Store. There, if you click the “View in iTunes” link towards the left, you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast there. Once it’s in your iTunes Podcasts library, you can check for updates, download past episodes, or get episode notes (click the (i) button at the far right of that show’s link). Through iTunes you can also set up your iPod, iPhone, or iPad to sync the Portafilter Podcast to your device.

You can download the episodes straight from the webpage, or use a different delivery tool and the XML RSS feed link posted below.

Podcast RSS feed : http://portafilter.net/podcast.xml
Portafilter Podcast on iTunes link : The Portafilter Podcast on iTunes Music Store.

Email us questions or comments at podcast@portafilter.net
Call us and leave your question or comment on our voicemail hotline: +1-805-727-3638
Twitter: @pfpodcast @nickcho @inmanunfiltered

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