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Portafilter is your go to source for coffee related information. 

Our mission is to help you become the best home barista by providing detailed coffee making guides, coffee facts, product reviews, and so much more. 

You’re getting expert guides and honest reviews straight from coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

Portafilter strives to make your home barista skills better!

Portafilter has provided the web’s best coffee related information since 2005. It’s your new home of all things Coffee, from the latest equipment reviews to how to pull the perfect espresso shot, we have you covered.


Portafilter started with one simple goal.  We wanted to make the world of brewing delicious coffee easy to understand and empower everyday people with the ability to become a better home barista, and the knowledge to find and select the best coffee gear for their needs.


About Portafilter

It all began in 2005…

… And the world of coffee was a difference place back then!  Portafilter began life 15 years ago as a podcast and blog run by coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

When the decision was made to start this blog, we had no idea that the world of coffee would expand in the way that it has over the past decade. Home baristas are more knowledgeable and passionate than ever before, and the range of coffee making techniques and gear available on the market today is exciting but can also be overwhelming.  


With this newfound interest in coffee, it’s more important now than ever that we can get the right advice without all the nonsense. That’s why from the very beginning Portafilter has been all about making sure people have the knowledge they need to make research-backed and informed decisions.Things have changed a bit since the beginning. From what started as a simple hobby project, the site has grown, all thanks to our readers support.

Our team has also expanded rapidly in these past years, all so that we could provide you, our readers, with even more high quality, research-based coffee advice! We invite you to look around and explore our site, we look forward to connecting and hope you find Portafilter to be a useful resource!


Portafilter Chief Editor

Enjoying a coffee with my wife in San Marco Square, Venice

Mark Plummer, Chief Editor

G’day from Australia! I’m Mark, the Chief Editor of Portafilter. I’m totally obsessed super passionate about everything coffee related and love to spend endless hours mastering pulling the perfect shot on my Breville Barista Express.

My love for coffee developed while spending several winters in Spain, Italy and Portugal. I spent time hanging out in coffee shops with friends during my time there and enjoyed drinking um cortado, um pingado and cafe con leche.

I observed that the Europeans like to stand at the cafe counter and drink their coffee, and only later realised the reason for this was so they could drink the coffee immediately after being pulled to savour the full coffee crema before it dissipated.

When I returned to Scotland (where I grew up) I inherited a small espresso machine and bought myself a little cheap coffee grinder so I could try to recreate the magical coffees I had drank during my time in Southern Europe.

At that time the coffee scene in Scotland was somewhat lacking although it’s fair to say that it no longer the case.

Some years later I moved to Australia and discovered what is now my favorite coffee drink – the flat white.

I love to enjoy coffee when I am out and about but increasingly have found pleasure in making my own brew at home. Dare I say I make a pretty decent coffee nowadays although my latte art is still hopelessly lacking!


Adam Smith Website Developer

Adam Smith, Website Developer

Hailing from the United Kingdom, Adam has a wealth of experience in building websites including researching, designing, content creation and website optimisation.

Adam and his team were instrumental in helping create the master plan for Portafilter and subsequently designing and launching the site.


Brooke Coffee Writer

Brooke Davis, Barista and Freelance Writer

Hi everyone, my name is Brooke and I’m a Barista and freelance writer.  I love brewing coffee and my favorite coffee drink is without doubt an Americano (espresso with added hot water).

When I’m not busy making or writing about coffee you’ll find me hanging out at the beach with friends in California where I am currently residing.

Dize Purde Writer

Dize Purde, Writer

After studying literature, Dize started to work as a freelance blog writer. She is the mother of a baby girl and 2 dogs. She lives in Istanbul with her family.

Dize is familiar with the European coffee scene having written for other prominent Europe based coffee blogs.


Hussain Ali Coffee Enthusiast

Hussain Ali, Coffee Enthusiast and Freelance Writer

A coffee enthusiast, Hussain started out as a normal writer who focused on fun fiction. Born and raised in America, he had spent working in publication houses as a journalist.

However, he found that as much as was trained for journaling, he loved creating his own stories. Hussain then started writing his own stories. Being a coffee connoisseur, he started writing and researching about different coffees as well to help out his fellow coffee lovers!

He has been researching different coffee beans over the years. Now, he is a true coffee enthusiast and enjoys to educating people about it.

Melissa Soon Barista Writer

Melissa Soon, Barista and Freelance Writer

My interest in coffee started small at 15 years old. Although I wasn’t a consumer, my mother was a home brewer and I enjoyed the smell of espresso brewing in the morning.

3 years later, my interest developed into passion when a good friend told me about a specialty cafe. Soon after, I became a barista and a freelance writer who loves to write about coffee.

Some folks might ask, “Why are you so passionate about coffee?” The reason is simple – I enjoy a great cuppa and I believe everyone can too.

I desire to serve my customers the best I can brew, as I honor the producers and roasters’ hard work put into manufacturing quality, wholesome coffee.


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