Hailing from the United Kingdom, Adam has a wealth of experience in building websites including researching, designing, content creation and website optimisation. Adam and his team were instrumental in helping create the master plan for Portafilter and subsequently designing and launching the site.

Podcast 56 – Black Gold The Movie

An insightful conversation with the directors, cinematographers, and producers of the documentary film, “Black Gold – The Movie,” Mr. Nick Francis and Mr. Marc Francis, along with Counter Culture Coffee Director of Coffee, Mr. Peter Giuliano. Check out their website at The best part of this chat is that it becomes a true dialogue, …

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What is Espresso Coffee?

The espresso is known for being the ultimate caffeine quick-fix: strong, dark, and complex, usually favored only by the most cultured of coffee connoisseurs. We imagine the other coffees cowering in the presence of the espresso because, despite its small size, it sure does pack a punch.  But well, what makes espresso different from a …

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5 Best Latte Machines 2021

Do you enjoy nothing more than a smooth, frothy latte to start your day off perfectly but don’t have a coffee machine at home? Well, it’s better latte than never, and we’re here to help. Instead of dealing with the hassle of heading down to the coffee shop first thing in the morning and enduring …

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