Coffee Tamper – 6 Best Espresso Tampers 2022

By Mark •  Updated: 09/24/21 •  3 min read
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A high quality espresso tamper, correctly sized for your espresso machine and portafilter, is a critical yet often overlooked piece of equipment for every home barista.

Choosing a coffee tamper for your equipment, needs and budget can be confusing hence we have created a shortlist of the best espresso tampers available today.

Before we get started, an alternative tamper option which we recommend considering is an espresso distributor tool which nowadays often comes complete with a combined tamper built in.

Coffee Tamper

Comparison of Espresso Tampers

BrandTamper SizesOur Rating
Motalius58mm tamper4.6/5
Normcore58.5mm tamper3.5/5
HIC Dual-Sided55mm tamper4.0/5
Diguo Elegance53mm tamper4.5/5
Omgogo Distributor51mm tamper4.5/5
BlueSnail51mm tamper4.5/5

Before selecting an espresso tamper, it’s really important that you know exactly what size tamper you require for your espresso machine. If you’re not sure which size you need then please refer to this super handy size chart.

Espresso Tamper

Okay, now that you know what tamper size you need, let’s take a look at our top picks:

  1. Motalius Espresso Tamper 58mm

  2. Motalius Espresso Tamper 58mm

    Motalius has received a lot of positive feedback over the years. The primary reason behind this is its magnificent design language. Carved out of a stainless steel block, this great tamper looks so exquisite that it can easily be mistaken for a paperweight.


    However, don’t let the looks fool you.

    Motalius has given complete attention to functionality by making it rust-resistant, uniformly weighted, and low maintenance. Check the inner diameter of your portafilter before making the purchase, as the tamping base is a bit larger.

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    07/03/2022 01:50 pm GMT
  3. Normcore 58.5mm Coffee Tamper

  4. Normcore 58.5mm Coffee Tamper

    The espresso coffee tamper by Normcore Spring ensures that you get the exact flavor of smooth and creamy coffee straight out of your espresso machine as you get from the professional baristas out there.

    The Normcore Tamper was designed with the simplicity and authenticity of coffee preparation in mind, ensuring perfectly leveled, completely flat, and thoroughly compacted espresso grounds every time.

    Your even tamp will always be perpendicular to the coffee surface since the flange of the coffee leveler sits perfectly on the rim of the filter basket.

    The equipment comes in good quality packaging that includes a useful aluminum alloy tamper stand to protect your tamper from scratches.

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    07/03/2022 11:21 am GMT
  5. Fino Dual-Sided Espresso Tamper, 50mm & 55mm

  6. Fino Dual-Sided Espresso Tamper, 50mm & 55mm

    This one is ideal for those on a tight budget who want to find the best tamper for their coffee distribution.

    The Fino dual-sided tamper is made of heavy-duty aluminum, which saves money but has no effect on its usability or safety. This heavy tamper is simple to clean and does not require any special expertise to use when tamping.

    For a thicker, more flavorful espresso beverage, Fino’s Dual-Sided Espresso Tamper compresses ground espresso coffee into a consistent shot.

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    07/03/2022 12:08 am GMT
  7. Diguo 53mm Tamper

  8. Diguo 53mm Tamper

    Coming with warm undertones of brown, black, and silver, this distribution tool has a dual height feature, making it highly versatile. It works well with most of the 58mm portafilter baskets and is manufactured using food-safe stainless steel.

    The ergonomic handle with smooth texture ensures a firm grip and improved stability.

    Diguo offers this tamper in four different sizes – 49mm, 51mm, 53mm, and 58mm. Measure your portafilter carefully before making your purchase.

    A 1-2 mm extra margin width is acceptable. 

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    07/03/2022 11:24 am GMT
  9. Omgogo Distribution Tool / Tamper 51mm

  10. Omgogo Distribution Tool / Tamper 51mm

    If you want the perfect blend of functionality and comfort, then this is the product for you. Omgogo adds a classic touch to this tamper by reinforcing the handle with warm rosewood with a smooth rounded texture for a comfortable grip.

    Four size options, no-frill face, and stainless steel build are some features that make this product worth the price.

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    07/03/2022 02:19 am GMT
  11. BlueSnail Tamper 51mm

  12. BlueSnail Tamper 51mm

    If you’re looking for a sturdy and heavy weighted tamper, Blue Snail’s tamper could be the best choice for you. This tool is made up of iron and stainless steel in order to keep up with durability.

    Its heaviness also makes sure that the good espresso coffee grounds are leveled or tamped perfectly, leaving no signs of lumps.

    This tamper fits perfectly with the portafilter basket and works completely fine with espresso machines like the EC860, Capresso EC100, DeLonghi Dedica, Capresso EC Pro, etc.

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    07/03/2022 11:58 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does a coffee tamper do?

What does a coffee tamper do

A coffee tamper is a tool used by home and professional baristas to evenly disperse and compress the ground coffee beans in the portafilter. This is an important step in the coffee brewing process to ensure maximum flavor and crema is extracted from the coffee beans during extraction.

Does a coffee tamper make a difference?

Does a coffee tamper make a difference

A coffee tamper makes a notable difference in the taste of your good espresso and the thickness and richness of the crema. Tamping the coffee grind prior to extraction prevents channeling which can compromise the coffee taste.

Should you tamp your coffee?

Should you tamp your coffee

You should always tamp your coffee prior to pulling the perfect espresso shot. Why? Because this will enhance the flavor and crema of your great espresso.

I always recommend using a tamping station to ensure you have a solid, level surface to tamp on and avoid making a mess in your kitchen or damaging the countertops.

What can I use instead of a coffee tamper?

While you could use anything from a beer bottle to a teaspoon as a coffee tamper we don’t recommend it because it’s critical that the tamper is sized correctly for your portafilter to ensure an even tamp distribution of coffee and prevent micro channeling during coffee extraction


Hopefully by now you understand the importance of tamping and, therefore, of selecting the best coffee tamper which is correctly sized for your portafilter.

After countless hours of testing we recommend these tampers as the best-in-class and you can select accordingly based on which diameter you need for your espresso machine:


G'day from Australia! I'm Mark, the Chief Editor of Portafilter. I'm super passionate about everything coffee-related and love to spend endless hours mastering pulling the perfect shot on my Breville Barista Express. Follow on: Linkedin and Facebook.

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