8 Best Espresso Distributor Tools for Home Baristas

By Brooke Davis •  Updated: 09/16/21 •  5 min read
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Gone are the days when people had to wait for their coffee pots to ooze out a delectable cup of coffee brewing before they could head out for work. With advancements in the coffee-making industry, various tools have reformed the way we prepare coffee.

One such tool is an espresso distributor, which is responsible for filtering out the small pockets of air from the portafilter.

Even though this may not seem like a big deal compared to factors like water hardness or grind size, even tamping is also highly crucial for getting consistent, even extraction and better shots.

Espresso Distributor

Hence, we have devised a list of the best-selling distributor tools you can get in order to amp up your distribution game. Let’s get going:

Comparison of Best Espresso Distributor Tools  

Distributor ToolsSizeHighlightsOur Rating
58mm Coffee Distributor by Apexstone58mm– Works with most espresso machines
– Screw mechanism easy to adjust height
– 1-year warranty
Double-Headed Espresso Tamper and Distributor by MATOW53mm– Adjustable distributor tamper
– Works with Bambino Infuser Pro and Barista Express
– Adjustable depth with dual heads
Crema Coffee Distribution Tool45.5mm
– Fits Breville Portafilters
– Customizable depth
– Stainless steel base
SMKF 58mm Espresso Distributor58mm– Anti-slip design
– Screw mechanism to adjust its height
– 100% aluminum alloy build
Apexstone 53mm Espresso Distributor53mm– Works fine with a wide variety of portafilters
– Dual head coffee leveling tool
– 1-year warranty
ALSAINTÉ Espresso Tamper & Distributor 58mm Dual Head58.5mm– Fits Rancilio, Gaggia, La Pavoni, ECM, La Marzocco, Rocket, Alex Duetto and E61 espresso machines
– 2-year warranty
– Highly durable
Kyonano Coffee 53mm Distributor53mm– 2-in-1 tamper and distributor
– Includes bonus milk pitcher
– Sturdy build
– Easily disassembled
51mm Espresso Distributor51mm– 51mm size
– Dual head distributor
– Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel
  1. Apexstone 58mm Coffee Distributor

  2. Apexstone 58mm Coffee Distributor

    If you have been struggling to achieve the perfectly made espresso, a coffee distributor from Apexstone will allow you to recover your home barista touch.

    Its stainless steel base speaks for the durability of the tool.

    With adjustable height, anti-slip aluminum alloy handle, and anti-rust design, this coffee distributor allows you to level the top layer of coffee at a 90-degree angle easily.

    This coffee distributor tool is compatible with Astoria, Alex Duetto, and all other E61 group espresso machines.

    Along with all the unquestionable features like sturdiness, ease of use, low maintenance, and quality of material, the brand also provides the customers with a 100% satisfaction warranty for 1 year.

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    07/03/2022 01:53 pm GMT
  3. 53mm Double-Headed Espresso Tamper and Distributor by MATOW

  4. 53mm Double-Headed Espresso Tamper and Distributor by MATOW

    This Double-headed espresso tamper by MATOW makes sure that your espresso has perfect consistency, pressure, and distribution.

    This ergonomic and easy-to-use espresso tamper is adjustable and compatible with a 54mm Breville portafilter.  

    To use this tool, simply pour the same amount of coffee into the portafilter basket and cover it with the bladed side of the distributor. A moderate spin of the distributor will smoothen out the top layer dispersion of the coffee grinds.

    By flipping the distributor to the other side and tamping to generate the desired pressure, you can easily modify the height.

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    07/03/2022 02:34 am GMT
  5. SMKF 58mm Coffee Leveler & Distribution Tool

  6. SMKF 58mm Coffee Leveler & Distribution Tool

    SMKF offers this distributor in two timeless colors (black and red). This macaroon tamper has an anti-slip design and a flat surface on the base which allows users to force down at a 90-degree angle without any resistance.

    Whether you are a home barista in pursuit of consistency or a novice coffee lover, this minimalistic and low-profile coffee leveler will help you get things in line. Its competitive pricing and aluminum alloy build help it stand out and shine.

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    07/03/2022 08:38 am GMT
  7. ALSAINTÉ Espresso Tamper & Distributor 58mm Dual Head

  8. ALSAINTÉ Espresso Tamper & Distributor 58mm Dual Head

    This is a professional level surface distributor which can easily fit most models including La Marzocco, La Pavoni, ECM, Rancilio, Gaggia, etc. This robust and sturdy tamper is backed by a 2-year warranty and will consistently help you pour delectable espresso shots.

    It comes in a silver-black finish alongside a luxury gift box, a silicon mat stand, and a card insert. The smooth texture also saves you from scratching your portafilter.

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    07/03/2022 07:36 am GMT
  9. Kyonano 53mm Coffee Distributor and Espresso Tamper, with Milk Pitcher

  10. Kyonano 53mm Coffee Distributor and Espresso Tamper, with Milk Pitcher

    Are you fed up with making espresso shots that are either under or over-extracted, resulting in the waste of valuable coffee grounds?

    The 2-in-1 Coffee Tamper and Distributor will assist you in pulling the ideal shot every time while saving you time in the process.

    Each side has an independently adjustable dispersing and tamping leveling tool, allowing you to consistently get the same results and a perfectly distributed top layer.

    This distributor is simple to use regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned home barista.

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    07/03/2022 09:09 am GMT
  11. Crema Coffee 53mm Distribution Tool

  12. Crema Coffee 53mm Distribution Tool

    A consistent, level tamp is what will get you close to the perfect brew you expect to taste. This distribution tool by Crema Coffee Product helps you to achieve just that. It is available in three sizes and comes with a rotatable base for easy depth adaptation.

    Being a family-owned brand, Crema goes the extra mile to build top-notch products.

    This distributor weighs just around 1lb 3oz and is reinforced with stainless steel.

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    07/03/2022 03:56 am GMT
  13. 51mm Espresso Tamper & Distributor by MATOW

  14. 51mm Espresso Tamper & Distributor by MATOW

    There aren’t many tampers in the 51mm category which match the quality and functionality offered by this product. Aside from being height adjustable, this product comes with two heads and can also double as a coffee leveler.

    The heavyweight and flat surface tamper improve the usability too. All you need to do is fill your portafilter and retract the distributor to ideal depth and you will have freshly leveled brew in no time.

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    07/03/2022 09:59 am GMT
  15. Apexstone 53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper

  16. Apexstone 53mm Coffee Distributor & Tamper

    Coming from a reputable brand like Apexstone, quality and consistency go hand in hand when you purchase this product. It is compatible with a wide array of models.

    If you own any range of temper baskets by Breville (Pro Touch, Bambino Plus, Duo-temp pro, etc), then this distributor is the one you should pick.

    You do not require any screws or Allen keys to adjust its height. Apexstone also offers an anti-rust design which coupled with the year-long warranty and low price makes this deal worth the appreciation.

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    07/03/2022 08:11 am GMT

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an espresso distributor?


An espresso distributor is a tool that helps even out the ground coffee and restores any air gaps that are present in the portafilter.

Extraction quality highly depends on how water is filtered out of the portafilter.

Some portafilters do not have an even distribution of grains inside them. The primary cause behind this can be either mishandling by the user or uneven tamping. Water usually flows down a path of least resistance. If the density is even, then the water can easily permeate through the coffee grounds.

It is critical to reducing channeling because this facilitates an even extraction.  

On the contrary, if you have a crack or a gap in your portafilter, the water will channel down that path, leaving the other grains unfiltered. This results in poor taste even if you get the recipe and proportions right.

Do I need a distributor for espresso?

How to Drink Espresso

If you are really picky about your espresso and want the even extraction to be perfect, then yes you need a distributor for espresso. An espresso distributor tool improves the consistency of coffee extraction which improves the quality of the crema and coffee brewing taste.

If you are a perfectionist and prefer having a smaller room for error, then a distributor for espresso tools is totally worth it. Some home baristas also believe that using a toothpick is a better alternative for espresso distribution. These distribution techniques are known as WDT.

How do you distribute espresso?

There are 4 common methods of distributing espresso; distribution tools, vertical tapping, palm tapping, and the Stockfleth method. Here’s a short summary of the espresso distribution techniques:

1. Distribution tools: These devices have mechanized fins which move through different layers of coffee and evenly distribute it out. Another name for these devices is the OCD tool.

2. Vertical tapping: This method involves collapsing the coffee bed vertically when taking it out of the grinder followed by gently tapping the handle to even everything out.

3. Palm tapping: Using your palm, tap the side of the portafilter. Do this over the entire circumference for 30-40 seconds.

4. Stockfleth method: Place your palm over the portafilter, now using your thumb and palm to level out the coffee as you move your hand in a semi-circular motion over the filter.

How do you use an espresso distribution tool?

Fins and the adjustable coffee leveler on these tools work in a circular motion and level out all the coffee in the portafilter when put inside it. All you need to do is put the tool inside the filter and spin it gently (without applying any pressure) for 10-15 seconds.
Generally, enthusiasts do either of the following things to troubleshoot issues – using a distributor tool with tamping, using just the distribution tool, or going with level tamp alone.

In comparing these three scenarios, a common notion suggested that the even extraction formed single steam the quickest when only a distribution tool was used.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the coffee tasted better, it does imply that the extraction was even in this case. In the case when only the tamp was used, the coffee tasted a bit bitter and was on the sour side.


All these tools enable easy distribution techniques prior to tamping. This practice is highly imperative, even though it just takes a few seconds. Many home baristas think that gently tapping or pressing the coffee will remove the air bubbles or gaps created, but this is not the case.

After evaluating and trying out the results offered by these tools, these tools topped the chart in our opinion:

Best overall tool: 58mm Coffee distributor by Apexstone

Budget-friendlyCrema Coffee Distributor 45.5-53mm

Best for Breville Espresso Machines53mm Espresso Distributor by MATOW

However, if you are low on the budget front and are just getting started, performing this exercise manually won’t do any harm. You can still make a good espresso by using an espresso puck or palm tamper.

We recommend trying out the budget-friendly options first before going for the higher-end ones. May your sweet coffee kick in before the bitter reality does!

Brooke Davis

Hi everyone, my name is Brooke and I’m a Barista and freelance writer. I love brewing coffee and my favorite coffee drink is without doubt an Americano (espresso with added hot water). When I’m not busy making or writing about coffee you’ll find me hanging out at the beach with friends in California where I am currently residing.

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