How Long Does Barista Training Take? 5 Reasons It’s Worth It

By Mark •  Updated: 10/20/22 •  6 min read

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Being a barista is a fun, exciting, and social career. It could be a great option if you like people and love doing more practical work.

If you are interested in becoming a barista, you must undergo training to master the art of coffee making. You don’t need official qualifications to become a barista, and training lengths will vary depending on where you are employed.

How Long Does Barista Training Take
How Long Does Barista Training Take? Let’s Find Out.

So how long does it take to be trained as a barista?

Generally, barista training will take around three months to become competent and master the basics well. After a year of practical experience, a barista will be accomplished in the trade. Great baristas will be committed to lifelong learning and improvement of their skills. 

Training lengths vary from place to place. Some staff training may be concise, and others longer. Barista training is often completed on the job, although training providers offer courses if you want to step into the role.  

This article will discuss what you will learn in your barista training and the timescale you can expect. 

How to Get Started?

If you consider becoming a barista, you might wonder where to start.  

Barista job openings require no official certifications to gain entry into the profession. Often you will be trained on the job. Education providers may offer apprenticeships that cover barista training in hospitality-based courses.

A short course can help you gain your first barista position, which is one reason I believe barista training is worth it!

In general, training to be a barista isn’t hard and it’s a relatively easy profession to get into if it is something you are interested in. A good attitude and an open mind to learning will stand you in good stead.  

Short Courses Available for Barista Training

There are many barista training courses available to help you on your journey to becoming a barista.  

Education providers, coffee shops, and even online courses provide barista training. Search in your local area to see what is available near you. Consider your work and family commitments to decide which approach might be best for you.  

Is it Worth Doing a Barista Course?

Is It Worth Doing A Barista Course
Doing A Barista Course Is Totally Worth It!

Not sure if you need to do a barista course or not?

Doing a barista course can be very worthwhile if you have no previous experience. This will give you the basic barista skills and help you get your foot in the door to continue with the practical experience you need to master the art of coffee making.  

You can put a short course on your CV if you are new to the profession or seeking a career change. It can also be an excellent way to see if you enjoy the role.  

How Long Is a Barista Course?

How Long Is A Barista Course
How Long Is A Barista Course?

Barista courses vary in length from a few hours, one day, or two days to longer, depending upon the structure and depth of the course. Choose which length you need to suit you.  

Online courses can teach you the theory and other aspects of being a barista, such as sensory skills and coffee knowledge.  

The course will generally cover the coffee brewing basics you need to get started, so it will be between one and two days. Once you have your first job, you can begin perfecting the craft through practical experience and practice.    

What Skills Does a Barista Learn?

You will need to learn essential parts of the role: using the coffee machine and making coffee.  

This involves setting the grinder, tamping the coffee, extracting the expresso, texturing and steaming the milk, and pouring the coffee. 

You will also need to learn how to maintain the coffee machine by cleaning it.

As a barista, you will be dealing with customers, so you must develop your customer service skills. You will also probably be working closely as a team with other staff members, so building good relationships is very important, especially if you are new to a role.  

How Long Before I Am a Good Barista?

How Long Before I Am A Good Barista
How Long Before I Am A Good Barista?

Becoming a good barista will take roughly a year. People learn at different paces, so everyone’s journey will be different. 

However, as a general rule to become fully competent and skilled as a barista, it will take around a year of practical experience.  

Learning from others and supplementing that knowledge with professional training is a great idea.  

What Kind of Professional Barista Training Is There?

What Kind of Professional Barista Training Is There
What Kind of Professional Barista Training Is There?

If you are interested in taking your barista career to the next level, there are many avenues you can follow.  

The Speciality Coffee Association is a worldwide non-profit organization aiming to share knowledge and create a community throughout all coffee-related professions.  

They offer several certificate programs that are internationally recognized. 

Their coffee skills program consists of an introductory module followed by five specialist modules.  

Specialized modules cover barista skills, brewing, green coffee, roasting, and sensory skills.  

SCA Coffee Championships

Test your skills against the best in the world and embrace this diverse and passionate community. 

The SCA also hosts numerous championship programs, including a world barista championship, a world latte art championship, and even a world coffee in good spirits competition, which promotes coffee and spirit blends.  

The competition gives baristas and coffee professionals something to aspire to. 

The world of coffee can be your oyster if you have a passion for it. 


In conclusion, the time it takes to train as a barista will vary depending on the individual.  

Basic skills can be picked up quickly, and you should have a pretty reasonable grasp by three months into the role.  

One year of practical experience as a barista should make you skilled at the trade; however, committing to continuous learning and development will help you reach the top of your game.  


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