Jura Coffee Machines (7 Best Espresso Makers 2022)

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Whether you want a cappuccino, macchiato, espresso, mocha, ristretto, or plain old filter coffee, only the best Jura coffee machines will consistently deliver the results you desire.

The problem is that selecting the most suitable device for you depends on your preferred specialty drinks and how much time, effort, and money you want to put into the brewing process.

It appears that the most excellent bean-to-cup coffee machine is improving!

I’ve recently tried a handful that lives up to the hype of this type of coffee maker, delivering barista-quality results on espresso, cappuccino, and everything in between, with the same ease of use as the top Jura espresso machines.

Jura Coffee Machine Review
Jura Coffee Machine Review

Although the price and size are a little higher than pod coffee makers, that’s the price of quality.

At A Glance

Read ReviewImageBest ForCostWhere to Buy
Jura E8Jura E8Coffee lovers who prefer fresh tasting coffee with velvety, frothy milk$$$Check Price
Jura S8Jura S8 Coffee MachineSomeone who loves a delicious latte or cappuccino, and has limited kitchen countertop space$$$Check Price
Jura A1Jura A1Black coffee drinkers on a budget$Check Price
Jura Z6Jura Z6Coffee drinkers who like to experiment with the latest technology$$$$Check Price
Jura E6Jura E6Home baristas seeking ease, value for money, and quality specialty drinks $$Check Price
Jura Z8Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee MachineTrue coffee connoisseurs who want the best coffee machine regardless of price.$$$$$Check Price
Jura D6Jura D6Coffee drinkers on a budget who don’t care about the latest features.$Check Price

7 Best Jura Coffee Machines 2022 

When it comes to selecting a coffee machine, Jura is one of the most well-known brands, and for a good reason. 

All of their goods have a clean look and will always provide you with the perfect glass of coffee or espresso!

These machines can make both conventional specialty drinks and espresso.

Jura excels in infusing form and function, earning them a reputation for being one of the most exceptional espresso machines on the market.

This Jura coffee machine review will look at the top seven models in the Jura range, all of which are suitable for any serious coffee lover!

Jura E8 Coffee Machine

The Jura E8 is a chrome studded beast of a Jura coffee machine which is the star of the Jura brand. A sleek model with the best-in-class features and functions, this absolute machine will satiate your caffeine cravings.

The Jura E8 Espresso Machine is a one-of-a-kind Jura innovation that provides a hassle-free ownership experience. The super-automatic coffee machine features options ranging from ristrettos to flat white coffee drinks, thanks to its one-touch brewing feature.

JURA E8 Coffee Machine Review

The customizable machine has cherry topping highlights, with a design and functionality to entice even the most discerning coffee lovers. A milk frother and a proprietary brewing process round out the machine’s capabilities.

This Jura machine is a tad costly for a reason, but it makes fantastic coffee drinks. 

Water is frequently overlooked in the coffee-making process.

Your water will have varying degrees of hardness, chlorine, and even pollutants depending on where you live. Jura created a smart filter that detects heavy metals and chlorine and removes them automatically.

You may also configure your water’s hardness level so that the machine will notify you when it’s time to change the filter.

The LED screen is stylish and simple to operate.

It reminds you to clean it, dump the wasted grounds drawer, and walk you through all the programming functions – all with a contemporary flair. 

The Jura E8 automatic coffee machine Aroma G3 grinder is a more advanced version of the Jura coffee machine aroma grinder.

This enhanced version of the aroma grinder grinds the beans at twice the pace of earlier versions.

Although the conical burr grinder grinds the beans as quickly as possible, it keeps the flavor and texture of your coffee.

The fragrance cover helps to preserve the scents.

This is when the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS) comes into play to ensure that the beans are fully saturated.

In addition, the machine has a thermoblock heating device to prevent the brewed coffee from losing heat.

The Jura E8 must remain usable at all times because it is an automatic coffee machine.

It comes with a giant water jug that holds approximately 1.9 liters (64 fluid ounces), the equivalent of 32 double shots and 64 single shots of espresso.

The bean hopper has a capacity of 280 grams, and the machine also has a bypass for coffee grounds.

To put it another way, each container of beans may make a maximum of 16 servings before needing to be replenished.

With a water capacity of 2.4 liters (or 81 ounces), the Jura Z8 is a much larger coffee machine. 

That’s enough for 81 single-shot espresso cups. The bean hopper is the same size as the bean hopper of the other models (280 grams).

Jura S8 Coffee Machine

The S8 is an intelligent machine with a wide range of abilities. It makes excellent coffee, has a stunning appearance, and is a high-tech machine built for success. The beautiful S8 can produce a wide range of specialty coffees, from espresso to macchiato, to the highest possible standard. 

One of 15 different beverages can be poured by simply pressing one button on the attractive color display.

JURA S8 Coffee Machine Review

The JURA S8 is a beautiful super-automatic espresso machine that combines the compactness and elegance of the premium Jura models with the intuitive technology of the technologically advanced Jura models.

Its price is undoubtedly equivalent to high-end coffee machines due to its cutting-edge functionality and beautiful Swiss design.

Inside and exterior, the Jura S8 is a work of art.

It is equipped with cutting-edge technology that is designed to run smoothly and silently. However, from an aesthetic sense, the machine’s outside appearance is just as appealing. The chrome and black give it a sophisticated appearance, and the case is slim and elegantly conceals all of the components. 

To function, the Jura S8 relies solely on cutting-edge technology.

The Aroma G3 grinder, Pulse Extraction Process, and an animated graphic interface are all used.

Jura Introduces best-in-class revolutionary technology; the Pulse Extraction Process, for example, offers a better-tasting coffee. The technology does away with the traditional method of soaking your coffee grounds in water.

Instead, the Pulse Extraction Process technology sprays hot water into the coffee in brief, intense bursts to ensure optimum coffee aromas and flavors extraction.

To get the most out of the system, I recommend only using the best coffee beans for Jura machines money can buy.

The Jura S8 makes it simple to make a beautiful fine foam to go on top of your favorite latte macchiato, cappuccino, or flat white. The Professional Fine Foam Technology Milk Frother G2 is used in this Jura espresso machine, and it comes with animated operation instructions.

The new Professional Fine Foam Technology Frother is intended to prepare specialty beverages seen at famous cafes such as Starbucks, Scooter’s, and Tim Hortons.

It’s created with the highest-quality materials to ensure that you get the most fine-textured foam for your coffee.

This milk frother is positioned vertically to produce a finely textured, consistent milk foam.

When the Frother G2 is placed horizontally, it heats the milk, which may then be used in other coffee beverages. The milk frother is simple to clean because the milk spouts are interchangeable for the best cleaning results.

Jura A1 Coffee Machine

A machine that removes the white stuff from the mix can have obvious advantages for individuals who would never add milk to coffee and shiver at the prospect of a Latte or Americano. With its unique characteristics, the Jura A1 puts all those jokes to the test.

The Jura A1 Super-Automatic Espresso Machine is a fantastic tool for the serious espresso connoisseur.

JURA A1 Coffee Machine Review

This super-automatic Jura is built to dazzle, with premium, upgraded features that take every aspect of brewing to the next level.

Despite being the most cost-effective model in Jura’s coffee maker series, this machine nonetheless has a high price tag.

On the other hand, any espresso fan would be thrilled to have this brewer in their kitchen.

The capacity of a machine’s water reservoir indicates how often it will need to be refilled. The Jura A1 holds about 37 fluid ounces. It means that each refill will require approximately four and a half cups of preparation.

If you drink a lot of coffee, that might not seem like much.

It will serve you well if you are the only coffee drinker in the room and will only need a couple of refills to get through the day.

A 125g coffee grounds container is firmly sealed in a rectangular casing on the top-back, together with a separate bypass doser and grind size adjustments to keep your coffee beans fresh.

There are five symbols on the touch display. You can program and brew ristretto, espresso, and coffee using three symbols. The other two symbols will allow you to choose between 6g (one-bean button) and 10g (two-bean button) of coffee intensity (three-bean button).

Because this is a single-cup Jura espresso machine, each brewing should result in a single-serve coffee — espresso, ristretto, or long-coffee. Although the brewing procedure is simple, you must know the symbols and their meanings once everything is in place. That’s where the actual difficulty lies.

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Z6 ventures into uncharted terrain, elevating the automatic specialty Jura coffee machine to new heights.

The most up-to-date generation of coffee equipment is a stunning display of Swiss ingenuity. It sets a new level of quality for specialty coffees across the board, from the short, hot ristretto to the popular, calm flat white.

JURA Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Apart from features like Bluetooth connectivity and artificial intelligence brewers, the Jura Z6 offers even more than a coffee enthusiast would love!

The Z6 allows you to creatively go from bean to cup with only one machine, thanks to various brewing options and extensive configurable settings.

Even though it is not the cheapest super-automatic on the market, this Jura coffee machine is of excellent quality and will last you for many years.

The 9.5 oz bean hopper and bypass doser are conveniently accessible, and selecting the coffee grind level is likewise simple.

Furthermore, because the Jura Z6’s drip tray is located on the front of the machine, emptying it will be as simple as possible.

The Jura Z6’s water tank and adjustable butterfly coffee spouts are both made to be lighter. This will show you how much water is remaining in the tank and how your coffee is being made.

Furthermore, the machine electronically monitors the tray, filter, and amount of coffee, and it will not start operating until all of the pieces are in place.

The Z6’s main advantage is that it has perfected all of the processes that go into making a delicious coffee beverage in a coffee maker. 

The pulse extraction process, for example, aids the Z6 in producing espresso with the highest fragrance and flavor.

The SMART filter increases the quality of the water, resulting in a better-tasting cup of coffee. It also features a fantastic fine foam technology frother that produces delectable microfoam.

Jura E6 Coffee Machine

A Super-Automatic espresso has never tasted better, thanks to the combination of the P.E.P brewing technology and the new Aroma G3 grinder. The new brewing unit and grinder combo significantly improve the fragrance, flavor, and crema of espresso. 

The E6 not only makes excellent espresso, but it also makes excellent cappuccinos and lattes. For consumers seeking ease, quality, and consistency, the E6 is ideal.

JURA E6 Coffee Machine Review

The espresso, cappuccino, coffee, and milk foaming buttons are prominently labeled on the front panel’s TFT display.

It’s as easy as clicking the “espresso” button and selecting the strength and length of your espresso. Cappuccino is just as simple, with the automatic milk frother taking care of everything.

It’s worth noting that the E6’s milk frother is automatic, but if you want a cappuccino, you’ll need to use it after brewing ordinary coffee.

Although it’s more automated than most bean-to-cup machines (many cheaper models only include a manual milk frothing arm), it’s only semi-automatic when it comes to preparing milk-based drinks. For milk frothing, you’ll also need to adjust the cup.

The Intelligent Water System by JURA uses RFID technology to recognize when a water filter has been installed on the machine.

The CLEARYL Smart / Pro Smart water filter protects against limescale, chlorine, and heavy metals in your water, to retain the quality of your coffee and extend the life of your machine

Install it, and JURA’s I.W.S. will take care of the rest.

Choose the coffee drink you want to make and start brewing. When you push the button for the coffee drink you want, the machine begins to prepare it, and the strength of the coffee is displayed on the screen.

Unless you adjust the preset settings, the default amount of water will be dispensed, after which it shuts down on its own.

Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura Z8 is only one example of how the company has demonstrated its technological apex. 

The Z8 is well renowned for its higher capacity, in addition to its aluminum design and high programmability.

Jura Z8 Automatic Coffee Machine
  • If you’re looking for an automatic coffee machine that prepares a broad range of specialty drink options, the Jura Z8 is the one for you. 
  • This top-of-the-line Jura machine has everything a coffee lover may need, from the traditional Americano and delicious lattes to a rich espresso and 21 other coffee drinks. 
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JURA Z8 review

This implies you’ll have a completely automatic coffee machine for your coffee shop that’ll do wonders. You can also take advantage of traditional Jura technology like Pulse Extraction Process and Aroma G3.

These technologies work together to give your coffee more flavor and saturation.

A “cup warmer” from Jura is also compatible with the Z8 espresso machine. This item can heat mugs to the perfect temperature for your hot beverage while storing them when not in use.

It can accommodate four drip coffee mugs, five espresso mugs, or six cappuccino mugs at any given time.

Serving coffee entails more than simply cups.

That’s why spoons for drip coffee, espresso, and macchiatos are sold separately. 

In the United States, the Z8 was one of the first Jura machines to include Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E.) for iOS and Android.

You can access espresso drinks alternatives and machine maintenance from afar with this feature.

With the JURA app, you can access the company’s internet site, see maintenance videos, and instructions and buy cleaning supplies, among other things.

You can link it to a Cool Control Wireless milk cooler, for example, because it allows wireless connectivity (through Bluetooth).

You may alter parameters and settings with the help of a very straightforward touchscreen control panel.

It also boasts smart connectivity, allowing you to link it to your smartphone through Bluetooth using the Jura app.

Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Platinum

The Jura D6 is a capable Jura espresso machine that combines automation, high saturation, and energy efficiency. The Aroma G2 grinder and the PEP pump are two of Jura’s most well-known technologies in this model.

It comes with a simple text-based display that is far more user-friendly.

JURA D6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

You’ll see a rotating switch that you can turn left or right to select the type of coffee you want. By pushing and holding the P button, you can customize many features of coffee to your liking.

The machine also has a P.E.P. brewing mechanism, ensuring optimum fragrance in the shortest amount of time.

Its fragrance G2 coffee grinder does an excellent job of grinding fresh whole beans to extract the coffee uniformly.

The coffee bean hopper holds about 7 ounces of beans, and you’ll also get a grind adjustment gear to help you choose the best grind settings.

The Jura D6 does not come with Smart Connect built-in.

The D6 does, however, include a compartment at the front where the Jura Smart Connect receiver can be connected. This is a Bluetooth device that allows users to access the Jura Operating Experience platform, also known as JOE. While there is an additional cost, I believe it is a feature worth considering.

The D6 makes it simple to froth milk in your coffee.

Jura moved the milk froth spout to the right of the coffee spout. To make a great cappuccino, you don’t have to transfer your cup from one spout to the other. The only reservation is that the D6 does not allow for milk froth modification. 

This Jura D6 espresso machine appears to be small in size and low in height.

It can be tucked away under any cabinet and in any small kitchen. Furthermore, the finish is pretty attractive. As a result, you will not be embarrassed to display it to your visitors.

Refurbished Jura Coffee Machines 

It’s not difficult to discover the ideal coffee machine for your unique personal or commercial demands in today’s modern coffee era. 

Modern machines range in price from under $100 one-button devices to robotic engineering wonders that seem to require a master’s degree in computer science to operate and cost more than a typical college loan.

Refurbished equipment, especially a Jura Coffee machine, might save you a lot of money.

Some are more than $1000 cheaper than new models.

And they’re all backed by a one-year warranty! In addition, they’ve all been factory repaired and tested to ensure they’re in perfect working order, just like a new machine. 

The most comprehensive range of factory refurbished Jura automatic coffee centers can be found here.

Jura Coffee Maker Alternatives

There are various types of coffee machines on the market, each with a different technique of preparation and, as a result, a different price. 

The simplest method would be to explain various sorts of appliances, their benefits, and drawbacks enabling you to make an informed decision and select something that meets your specific requirements.

I’ve gone through the trouble of comparing a variety of alternatives to the market leader, Jura Coffee Machine. 

Let’s take a closer look at how each Jura competitor stacks up.

Jura vs Gaggia

Jura vs Gaggia
Jura vs Gaggia

Gaggia has been a dominant name in the world of espresso machines since before the firm was officially created, and it is a traditional Italian company. 

In the world of current espresso machines, Achille Gaggia is the man behind the curtain. In 1938, he invented the idea of the steamless espresso machine, allowing baristas to brew consistently great espresso. 

If you are considering a semi-automatic coffee machine, Gaggia has a few good options, whereas Jura only produces automatics. 

  • Jura has specialized in espresso machines since the 1980s. Jura espresso machines have become so successful that they’ve begun to phase out other products that don’t even come close to matching the sales of their espresso lines.
  • Jura is the option for you if you want the greatest bang for your cash. They have continually incorporated innovative innovations, such as FFT (Fine Foam Technology) in the Impressa C65. This simply means that your milk-based drinks are frothed twice in two separate containers before being poured into your cup. You’ll receive top-notch, creamy microfoam as a result of this.
  • All in all, if you are on a budget, Gaggia should appeal to you. However, if you like to indulge in luxury, then Jura is your brand.

Jura vs Saeco

Jura vs Saeco
Jura vs Saeco

Jura is synonymous with Swiss expertise and heritage, having been in the home appliance market since 1931. 

Jura coffee makers are stylish, compact, and above all, long-lasting, thanks to high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

At the same time, Swiss-made machines are among the most expensive ones on the market, which might be a significant consideration when making your decision.

  • Saeco also makes an outstanding coffee machine, although their brand is more inexpensive for most coffee lovers. Philips, the electronics behemoth, owns and manufactures the Saeco brand.
  • Grinders aren’t required in some Saeco versions because they use coffee capsules. However, those that come with them have a ceramic conical burr grinder that functions just as well as steel ones. On the majority of their machines, both Jura and Saeco use Rapid Steam technology with double boilers. 
  • Boilers are the devices that transport heat from the heating element to the brewing head, allowing you to brew espresso or froth milk-based drinks. There is only one boiler on the lower-end models that do not include an integrated frother.
  • The nozzle can also be used to obtain hot water for other beverages such as tea or hot chocolate.
  • You’ll need some time to create a perfect espresso. Using a Saeco and a pod is the quickest option. However, manually foaming milk with a Panarello may take a minute or two, depending on your skill level.

Things to Consider While Buying Your First Jura Espresso Machine

A coffee machine can range in price, quality, and functionality, and what you get is determined mainly by what you want to produce with it.

When purchasing a home coffee machine, these differences are critical, and there are a few things you should know first.

Before you begin looking, you need to ask yourself some key questions.

You can save yourself a lot of time, frustration, and money by doing this.

Buying Guide to Jura Machines

Jura machines come in a wide range of sizes, formats, functions, and designs, and the options can be overwhelming at first. 

This guide aims to clarify the available options and make the choices more relevant to the potential buyer.

While I have attempted to answer the questions I believe will be helpful in the decision-making process, more personal considerations will undoubtedly be made.

What is the Type of the Machine

You must determine your requirements before beginning your search for a coffee machine to purchase. 

If you only drink coffee on occasion, a simple kettle-style machine may suffice. There are various options available if you are a frequent coffee user or need a coffee maker for your company.

What are The Different Types of Modes and Functions

Jura machines have built-in water filters, thermostats, hot plates, programmable timers, and multi-task functions that allow them to manufacture and serve a variety of beverages in addition to coffee. 

Some machines have intelligent features that allow customers to pair their phones with the device through Bluetooth.

The Jura Z8 has a 3′′ high-resolution color touch screen display and can prepare 21 different espresso drinks. You can link your machine to your smartphone and use it to operate and control it.

The Return on Investment

A coffee machine’s price does not always reflect its quality; there are plenty of expensive pieces of garbage on the market! 

If you complete your research and find that the best coffee machine for you is out of your price range, investigate models with fewer features: do you need the ability to steam milk while making espresso if you only want black coffee?

However, don’t undervalue your needs; be prepared to put your money back in your pocket and save for a higher-quality device if necessary.

Owning the best Jura coffee maker is as much about the experience as it is about the quality of the coffee.

Reviews and Ratings

When such a broad selection is available, there is no reason to settle for a coffee machine with a lower rating. 

The majority of Jura machines have a rating of at least 3 out of 5 stars. Reading Jura coffee machine reviews made by previous consumers will help you learn more about the product’s quality and functionality. Choose the one with the highest customer rating from a list of machines that fit your budget and specs.

Easy to Assemble and Easy to Disassemble

Cleaning the drip tray, replenishing the water compartment, and removing the coffee grounds or empty capsules are things that all Jura espresso machines require.

It is worthwhile considering whether or not you want to keep a separate brew group. The portafilter is locked into this section of the machine.

Some machines have easily removable brew groups that may be cleaned or inspected. Other appliances include a built-in brew group that cleans itself automatically. If something goes wrong, these can be difficult to figure out.  

Jura machines are easy to assemble and disassemble.


Although many of Jura’s machines are self-cleaning, some require human cleaning, such as the C65. 

While the lack of a self-cleaning feature can reduce the price, it does not necessitate any further effort on your side. So, if you want ease, you might want to save a little more money and get the extra capability.

In case you do experience any issues, we have prepared this Jura coffee machine troubleshooting guide.

People Also Ask

Why is Jura so Expensive?

Why are Jura coffee machines so expensive

Juru is a premium Swiss brand that makes high-quality coffee makers.  The reasons for the comparatively high costs are a few.

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, premium quality and materials cost a lot of money. Moreover, a lot of testing ensures that each coffee maker is reliable and functions as designed.

This only drives costs further upwards.

Secondly, the fact that these machines are Swiss also adds to the cost. Wages and taxes in Switzerland are very high compared to the rest of the world. Swiss goods are naturally more expensive than those made in other countries.

Which Jura Coffee Machine is the best?

Which Jura Coffee Machine Is The Best

The Jura E8 coffee machine is one of the best in the world, with the best overall specs and the best tasting coffee.  The Jura S8 goes head to head with the Jura E8 and gives it a run for its money.

If you’re searching for the best Jura coffee maker that’ll give you the most bang for your buck, the Jura A1 is the way to go!

How Long Do Jura Coffee Machines Last?

How long should a Jura coffee machine last

Although the typical projected lifetime is ten years, Jura still receives calls from consumers who have older machines.

The lifespan of a coffee machine will depend on a few factors.

First and foremost will be how you use your device. If you maintain it well and look after it, it will likely last longer than it would have with poor maintenance.

The second factor is the frequency of use. The more a machine is used, the more wear and tear it experiences. Excessive use dramatically diminishes the lifespan of the device. Thus if you use your machine sparingly, it will likely last a long time.

Conversely, if you use it a whole lot, this lifespan may decrease.

Is Jura Made in China?

Is Jura Made in China

Jura assembles its coffee machines in Switzerland. Several Jura components are made in China and Malaysia before being shipped to Switzerland for assembly.


Although the best coffee machine for you may vary depending on your requirements, here are our verdicts on the best Jura coffee machines.

Best Overall: Jura E8

The Jura E8 keeps it simple and does everything right.

We think this will be the best fit for most people as it prioritizes convenience and ease of use while remaining true to the Jura brand and not compromising on the flavor of the coffee. Moreover, it has simple controls that let you make a wide variety of beverages automatically.

The Jura E8 is also not particularly expensive when compared to some of Jura’s other offerings. However, it is pretty pricey compared to regular coffee makers on the market.

Runner-up: Jura S8

The Jura S8 does the work of an entire coffee shop in one machine. It can produce a plethora of drinks that can fit any mood, taste, or occasion.

Moreover, the fully automatic nature of the machine makes it extremely easy to operate, thus offering unparalleled ease of use, even if you are not an experienced coffee brewer.

The advanced milk frothing system only adds to the value proposition of this device, making it a good fit in any coffee enthusiast’s kitchen.

Best Value: Jura A1

Perhaps the most important metric is the amount of value a particular option offers.

The most expensive machine may not be the best one because the utility it provides is not valuable for your use case. Thus the idea of value is when we measure the amount of usefulness for the amount a machine costs.

By this metric, the winner, by a mile, is the Jura A1.

The A1 offers all the frills that Jura is renowned for in a smaller, cheaper package. You still get the same excellent build quality.

Moreover, you can be assured of great taste from this machine owing to the high-quality components.

The only difference is that since it is a smaller machine, it uses less material and costs significantly less in manufacturing costs.


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