Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review 2022

By Mark •  Updated: 11/03/21 •  18 min read

Over the years, Jura coffee machines have successfully established themselves as an industry benchmark for specialty coffee-making equipment.

Today we will be taking a look at the Jura Z6, one of Jura’s best-selling super-automatic espresso machines from their home collection. The Z6 offers the perfect mixture of user-friendly operation, advanced design, and fascinating features.

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine Review
Jura Z6 Coffee Machine Review

Let us find out if this incredible machine can meet the standards set by the iconic Swiss brand or not.

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Jura Z6 is sure to impress even the most demanding coffee connoisseurs, thanks to its 21 fully programmable drink options, multiple strength settings, and signature Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P. 

If you are looking for a sturdy espresso maker to invest in, this great machine is one of the best.

The model Z6 is one of their mid-liners, coming in at a reasonable price for the quality and easily operated by both professionals and home coffee makers. The Jura Z6 was the model that brought Jura’s famous Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P, which brews better-tasting coffee in small bursts to ensure the best flavor. 

Furthermore, this espresso machine comes in two luxurious finishes: Polished Aluminum and the Black Diamond, which blends with all kitchen interiors. The availability of tons of innovative features like TFT color display, the J.O.E app, Intelligent Water System, and the powerful Aroma G3 grinder makes it a must-buy. 


  • It comes in two elegant finishes which blend well with the surroundings
  • A highly efficient 15 bar pressure pump
  • Professional grade customization: ten coffee strength levels, three temperature levels, ten milk temperature levels
  • Has a dedicated rinsing, cleaning, and descaling modes
  • 2 cup function with automatic milk rinse
  • Adjustable water hardness
  • 2.4L water tank capacity
  • Smart water filter


  • The grinder is a bit too loud
  • Single thermoblock
  • Relatively large, thus cannot fit into compact kitchen counters
  • Single pump
  • Expensive

Jura Z6 Review

Jura Z6 Review
Jura Z6 Review

I tested the Diamond Black version of this automatic coffee maker. The first thing I noticed right off the bat was the aluminum chassis which measures 17.7” x 12.6” x 14.8” while weighing 11.79 kilograms.

While I felt that the espresso machine missed out on having an artistic design, the clean lines and sturdy build didn’t seem that bad either.

The hefty look is due to the polished aluminum body, whereas the side panels are made from sturdy ABS plastic. The new unit, which also happens to be the nervous system of the device, doesn’t skimp on any advanced feature. 

The LCD can get quite bright and is easily navigable.

Thanks to the combination of a control knob on the top corner alongside some clicky buttons at the front, you can access multiple drink options like espresso shots, ristretto, cafe latte, flat white, latte macchiato, etc. 

You can also pick six of your favorite coffee drinks and place them on the Home Screen for enhanced accessibility.

Though I had to struggle in the beginning, you get used to the system quite quickly. The water reservoir at the left featured a generous capacity of 81 ounces.

Jura Coffee Machine Z6
Jura Coffee Machine Z6

While I’m a fan of using distilled water in my tank, I still appreciate the two water filters that come along the machine.

You no longer will have to worry about descaling frequently.

But keep in mind that you will need to buy replacement filters which will add to the cost over time. The in-built sensors will automatically detect the presence of filters and relay the information to the control unit. 

The 9.9-ounce top-loading bean hopper was sufficient for me.

However, if you like your coffee strong, then be prepared to fill it quite often. This hopper is attached to a ceramic burr grinder which you can adjust easily. 

While the presence of only six grind settings was quite underwhelming, I could still finely tune my coffee as per my liking just by turning a dial.

Furthermore, the Jura Z6 is equipped with a two-scoop bypass dower for those who do not want to use ground beans. 

As for the boiling system, don’t let the single boiler trick you into thinking that it will underperform.

The aluminum boiler comes with a stainless steel lining and Thermoblock technology, thus allowing you have as many as ten temperature settings. The coffee spigot can accommodate glasses up to 6’.

Though the absence of a carafe is an obvious downside given that you pay more than three grand. 

Lastly, the auto-frothing system coupled with the boatload of customization options in the menu constantly churned out high-quality foam every time I wanted. 

Key features 

Jura machines hold so many features that choosing the best one is quite tricky. Let us now look at the features which make the Jura Z6 worth its price tag: 


This coffee machine’s colors are well-suited for both professional and in-house settings. If you want a more classic feel in your kitchen, then go with the aluminum exterior. 

Keep in mind that this is a hefty device so that you will require a considerable amount of kitchen countertop space.

It weighs just under 12 kilograms, significantly lighter than other superautomatic espresso machines in this range. The designers have placed more emphasis on functionality over form. The curves are clean and give off a minimalistic appeal. 

The latest model comes equipped with sensors all over the body that can detect whenever you put a filter inside.

The sides are made of ABS plastic.

You will find the highly intuitive 3.5” touchscreen on the front panel, which is highly responsive alongside a rotary dial. On the left-hand side, you will find a water tank with sufficient capacity (84 ounces). 

Professional Aroma Grinder 

The Jura Z6 features a professional-grade aroma grinder. Jura claims that it can bring about 12.2% more aroma over its lifetime compared to conventional systems. 

The burrs are made up of stainless steel and feature six degrees of fineness to ensure quick grinding.

The cutting angles are strategically angled to produce minimal residual grounds.

They have also attached an integrated bypass doser to facilitate the pre-ground coffee brewing process.

Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine
Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine

The Aroma G3 Grinder grinds the coffee beans every time you prepare coffee to ensure maximum flavor and freshness. You can alter the flow through the water’s time (extraction time) by adjusting the fineness.

The sharp cutting blades have also shown some efficiency gains, allowing you to taste delectable aromas in half the grinding time. 

Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P 

Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P is a highlight feature of other Jura machines.

The brewing unit of any coffee machine is responsible for the final taste of the brew. The Jura Z6 has a variable brewing unit that can hold between 5g to 16g of coffee powder.

The variable brewing unit allows the espresso machine to increase the extraction time, which helps you prepare professional barista standard espressos.

When the water pumps through the ground coffee, it does not evenly distribute over the entire area, leading to an inconsistent flavor profile.

With the new Pulse Extraction Process P.E.P, water is pressed in short bursts through the coffee, optimizing the extraction time and developing deeper flavors. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Automation features sit at the core of all super-automatic espresso machines.

The Jura Z6 is no different. The advanced chip inside the Z6’s system adapts to your routine and delivers fast performance over time. 

For instance, if you happen to drink cappuccino, or flat white, at a particular time in a day, then the machine will learn that and optimize the start screen accordingly to show your favorite beverages on top.

The recipes for each kind of coffee are pre-programmed in the system; however, you can also give various commands from the Jura app. 

The milk valve in the Z6 is automated.

Hence it automatically switches between milk foam and milk depending upon the type of drink you select. Furthermore, the milk tubes and frothers are self-cleaning. 

If you install the Jura Integrated Experience application, you can also synchronize your machine with intelligent assistants like the Google home kit or Alexa.

After all, making specialty coffees right from your phone is one good way to impress your peers. 

Claris filter cartridge 

Clearwater supply is indispensable when it comes to specialty coffee making.

While many people use filtered water with their coffee machines, the Jura Z6 has covered you even if you don’t use it.

This is made possible due to its Intelligent Water System (I.W.S). 

It analyses the nature of the water being used and automatically deploys the CLARIS plus filter cartridge if the water has a high calcium concentration.

The benefits of this are twofold: Firstly, your coffee will not have a bitter taste as it will be free from any external contaminants, ensuring the proper health of you and your family. 

Secondly, this also extends the machine’s life by prohibiting any calcium from getting deposited on the system walls.

These deposits can often cause the system to jam. You will no longer have to keep purchasing descaling tablets to descale your machine. 

One-touch operating panel

The Z6 is equipped with both physical buttons and a color display. There is also a rotary dial that lets you navigate through the options displayed on the screen by swiping your fingers around.

Though an external iodized coat layer protects the TFT color display, I still looked for any external water spillage. 

The screen is quite responsive.

High brightness also enhances the viewing angles. The buttons are pretty clicky and have a satisfying feeling to them.

Jura’s intuitive menu bar lets you customize multiple aspects of your drink like strength, the amount of water, milk foam, milk temperature, etc.

You can also set the settings to factory default by holding the buttons for more than 10 seconds. 

Jura Z6 milk foam system 

Unlike other automatic coffee machines which come with a frothing wand, the Z6 offers a fully automated milk system.

Even though some purists may argue that a frother gives more control, the focus lies more towards ease of use when buying a super-automatic espresso machine. 

The subtle tweaks in the menu let you control the quantity and quality of foam you produce.

However, the only downside here is that this machine doesn’t come with a carafe for hot milk foam, which you would expect when you shell out three grand on a device. 

However, you can additionally purchase the stainless-steel milk carafe designed to work with this machine from their website.

Using the Jura Z6 Automatic Coffee Machine 

The Z6, which sits in the middle of Jura’s product line, isn’t as feature-packed as the company’s most premium models.

It does, however, have a lot to offer, with a built-in burr grinder and more drink selections than the normal person would require.

The Jura Z6 is worth considering if you’re a heavy coffee user with a substantial amount of counter space and a few thousand dollars to invest.

It may take you some tries unless you get your perfect cup, but things should go smoothly after that. You can make rich coffee straight from whole beans in seconds without doing any of the labor.

The Z6 includes a built-in brew unit that cannot be removed, just like other Jura models.

It’s simple to clean; you have to insert cleaning tablets and turn on the cleaning cycle.

However, if something goes wrong with the brew unit, you’ll have to send the entire machine back to Jura to figure out what’s wrong because you won’t be able to access it. 

In my testing, I chose the second finest grind option.

If you put fewer beans than required, the system measures the coffee strength in half-bean increments.

Once I manually selected all the options and pressed start, the grinder was prepared with pleasant background noise.

As for controlling it from the app, if you haven’t used a Jura machine before, you will need some time to get used to the pathway for their ‘unnecessarily hidden menus’. 

Now let us look at the elephant in the room: Taste profile.

The espresso tasted full-bodied and had an intense aroma to it. In terms of flavor, I could hardly tell the difference between this machine and their flagship Giga 6. 

When spending more than two grand on any coffee machine by Jura, the taste profile you get is always a rich and consistent one. 


Detachable brew unitNo
DisplayTFT color display
Milk system External & automatic 
Water tank capacity 2.4L
Maximum cup height 6 inches 
Bean hopper capacity 280g
Grounds container capacity 20
2-cup function Yes
Hot water function Yes
Water filter CLARIS
Weight 11.5kg
Dimension 17.7 x 12.6 x 14.8”
Adjustable temperature Yes

Things we didn’t like 

While the app may be pretty handy, there is still plenty of scope for optimization. The menus are quite confusing; to begin with, the UI could also be smoother.

The absence of a carafe and a fixed brew unit could also be a downside for some people. 

Home baristas can also appreciate a bump in the number of grind settings.

While this machine offers excellent customizability, the system only allows one saved customization per drink.

The ability to add multiple user profiles is greatly missed on the Z6. 

Lastly, the addition of a cup warming tray could also be excellent. 

How to clean Jura Z6

The automation in the Jura Z6 makes it extremely easy to clean. The CLARIS water filter prevents any calcium buildup inside the valves of the machine. 

This machine will notify you when it’s time to clean the coffee and milk system, as well as descale the machine to remove limescale buildup.

Emptying and rinsing the dregs basket and the drip tray, as well as using one of Jura’s cleaning tablets for an automatic cleaning cycle, takes roughly 20 minutes.

Descaling takes longer, but utilizing CLARIS filters can help you avoid it.

Jura also recommends that you wipe down the drip tray and the ground coffee canister once in a while. 

Jura Z6 Alternatives

Jura Z6 vs S8

Jura Z6 vs S8
Jura Z6 vs S8

The S8 has a smaller footprint in comparison to the Jura Z6.

While both the devices have TFT displays, the Z6 also includes a rotary service that you can use to dial different coffee settings. 

The S8 has a separate frother on the machine’s right side, unlike the frother in the Z8, which minimizes the cup movement from place to place. It also has a touchscreen display as opposed to having physical buttons like the Z6. 

Coffee drinkers can fill in 84 ounces of water and 10 ounces of beans which can last up to 16 cups at one go. The Z6 also has a Save Energy Mode function which is missing on the S8.

To sum up, Z6 is the better pick out of the two. It has a larger tank and can hold a larger number of savings. 

Jura E8 vs Z6

Jura E8 vs Z6
Jura E8 vs Z6

The E8 is the more affordable option among the two espresso machines. This machine will come with all the bells and whistles you will need. It offers quality workmanship and a great variety of customizable settings. 

That said, the display size is a bit small as compared to the Z6.

It also misses out on the rotary switch. While both espresso machines have milk frothers, the integrated unit in the Z6 gives a thick, rich crema. 

You also do not get a thermally insulated container for milk in the E8; instead, a simple milk pitcher is provided. Both coffee makers support Jura’s application and allow you to create your menu of specialty coffees. 

Jura Z8 vs Z6

Jura Z6 vs Z8
Jura Z8 vs Z6

These espresso machines have features like CLEARYL smart filters, P.E.P process, energy-saving mode, adjustable spouts, etcetera. Where they differ is the number of drink options. The Z6 has 13, while the Z8 loads an impressive stack of 21 different classics. 

The Z6 has a single thermoblock system, which means that it cannot stem and brew simultaneously. The Z8, however, can do this due to its dual thermoblock design. 

The Z8 is a more modern take on Jura’s coffee line.

If you are someone who likes the functionality of a touchscreen, then you can consider this model. In comparison, the Z6 is a simple and easy-to-use superautomatic espresso machine on the affordable side. 


How to use the Jura Z6?

How to use the Jura Z6

1. Once you have set up the espresso machine, fill the bean hopper, followed by placing the aroma preservation cover on top. The cover ensures that your beans stay fresh for a more extended period.

2. Now detach the tank and fill it with fresh, cold water. 

3. Insert the tank alongside the filter cartridge, which will automatically be detected. A blue filter symbol on the espresso machine will indicate that it is ready to go. Also, remember to connect the milk pipe to the dual spout on one end and the milk container on the other. 

4. Using the buttons or the rotary switch, select your preferred beverage and choose from various strength options & preset amounts. 

5. Lastly, users can also download the short operation instructions guide from their website for more assistance.

How to use ground coffee in Jura Z6?

How to use ground coffee in Jura Z6

1. Place a cup under the spout and open the powder chit cover. 

2. The option “please add ground coffee” is displayed. Make sure that it is not too finely ground as that may block up the system.

3. Now place the filler funnel for ground coffee followed by adding 1-2 measuring spoons of coffee. 

4. The start screen will be illuminated.

5. Press and hold the espresso button and preset the amount of water that flows into the cup. 

Jura recommends that the user prepare the desired specialty coffee within one minute, adding the grounds for maximum flavor. If you did not pour enough ground coffee, “not enough ground coffee” will be displayed on the screen. 

Jura Z6, how to save a drink setting?

Jura Z6, how to save a drink setting

Suppose you want to save and personalize products, head over to the “Product settings” menu. You will notice that you can quickly move the product to your preferred position in the product selector. Under product settings, you will find an option called the Expert mode. 

Now turn the rotary switch until ‘classics’ is displayed and press the button to enter the program item. Now click on “add to the product selector.” Press the rotary switch again and turn it until ‘coffee’ is in focus. Now tap on ‘do you want to add the product to the product selector.’ 

The espresso machine will then ask you to add a name for this drink and will automatically save the new drink to the product selector menu. 

Note: You can only replace standard products on the start screen if the ‘smart mode’ is deactivated.

Does the Jura Z6 have Smart Connect?

Does the Jura Z6 have Smart Connect

Yes, the Jura Z6 is fully compatible with smart connect. Smart connect allows you to connect your espresso machine to other compatible Jura accessories wirelessly. To prevent unauthorized access, users can also put up a PIN function via the Jura app. 

Ensure that the program item is properly inserted into the service socket. However, you cannot use both the Cool Connect and the JURA app in one item.  

Is Jura Z6 worth buying?

The Jura Z6 is the perfect choice if you want to brew classics at home without any technical complications.

Jura has compensated for the high price by offering a great machine that shares most of the features found in their costlier alternatives.

It produces one of the best-tasting coffee cups while also being extremely simple to use.

Even though it misses out on having a double boiler system, it will not bother the majority of coffee lovers. The perfect combination of advanced features and a sturdy build make it ideal for all home baristas out there.


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