La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter (2021)

In this article we will review the La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter which can be a great addition to your coffee equipment repertoire.

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter

We Like

  • Easy to use, commercial-grade, and easy to clean simply because you don't need any little brushes to deep clean inside of the spouts
  • It puts the coffee extraction in full view so you can evaluate and adjust things like your tamping technique and a whole lot more 
  • With a La Marzocco bottomless portafilter you can see the effect of changing the brewing pressure by holding back the lever a bit which can help you to learn a lot about tamping techniques and channeling

We Don't Like

  • It can be a little messy to start with as imperfections in tamping and dosing are exposed when the coffee spurts out in different directions instead of straight down into your coffee cup
  • This portafilter gives the brewer less control over the coffee extraction process

Our Verdict

"The La Marzocco bottomless portafilter is a great addition to your home barista equipment. It will help you improve your dosing and tamping skills, while enjoying photogenic scenes as the rich, thick crema is delivered to your coffee cup."

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter Review

La Marzocco offers two types of portafilter:

In this article we will review the features and specifications, frequently asked questions, and pros and cons of the La Marzocco bottomless portafilter.

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter

You are allowed to watch the crema from underneath the basket that comes off of a La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter. This is the way to go to see extracted coffee before it falls into your cup or shot glass. Extracted espresso of this portafilter is simply perfect, both in taste and aesthetics.

This portafilter is compatible with all La Marzocco Home Espresso Machines and is designed wonderfully for its GS/3 machines. La Marzocco Bottomless portafilter does not include a basket.


  • La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter with 6.0mm Wings.
  • Compatible with La Marzocco (L111/X) espresso machines and GEV (531209).
  • 15-degree handle angle.
  • It includes a La Marzocco 58mm diameter portafilter basket.
  • Available in black & stainless handle, custom maple, walnut, and standard rubber.




You are exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly of espresso shots by essentially chopping the bottom off your portafilter.  Any imperfections in your tamping, grinding, and dosing technique can be easily observed when using a La Marzocco bottomless portafilter. 

To improve your channeling skills, try distributing the coffee more evenly by moving the portafilter around during dosing. Practice your tamping skills to make sure it is even and consistent.

Most importantly, to achieve your desired result with any portafilter, you should try to use freshly roasted beans. Usually, coffee beans remain fresh for 3-14 days once opened.

Should you buy a bottomless portafilter? Absolutely. However we recommend that you always have a spouted portafilter available too as you may not wish to use the naked portafilter every time due to the additional complexities and potential mess you can make while extracting your espresso shots.

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter

La Marzocco Bottomless Portafilter

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