Nespresso Vertuoline Pods | Our Top 5 Picks for 2021!

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The espresso or coffee world is very vast. It has all the authentic flavors and taste, which will satisfy your taste buds. Coffee beans undergo several blending processes, and the blending process determines the coffee’s final taste.

The magnificent fragrance of freshly brewed coffee is unbeatable, and it will help you start your day with a fresh mind. Simple brewing methods are still everyone’s favorite, but coffee brewing machines have replaced the old customs. Almost every household has a coffee machine now.

If you want to redefine your coffee experience, your best bet is the Nespresso Vertuoline Pods.

Here’s a detailed comparison between the pods to help you find the right one for your tastes.

Nespresso Solelio Review


Nespresso Solelio

  • Mild roasted coffee pods
  • Mixture of Colombian and Kenyan coffee beans
  • Eco friendly capsules
Nespresso Stormio Review


Nespresso Stormio

  • Nespresso Stormia is a dark roasted coffee.
  • The Nespresso stormio is a blend of dark roasted beans with spice.
Nespresso Elvazio Review


Nespresso Elvazio

  • Nespresso Elvazio is light or mild roasted coffee.
  • The flavors are very calming

Nespresso Vertuoline Pods – Choose Your Coffee Flavor

When Nespresso first came out with its machine model, espresso pods were used to make coffee. With the help of these machines, it can considered as the original line of Nespresso machines.

These Nespresso machines are still in use by many people worldwide. But as the company got more popular, it launched its proprietary Nespresso Vertuoline machines and pods.

Nespresso Vertuoline Pods

The machine has all the advanced features that help to utilize the changeability of the pods. The difference between the older and the newer machine is simple. The Nespresso machine can make expresso only, and the Vertuoline can make coffee and espresso both.

You can choose any of these machines according to your preferences and taste. The Nespresso Vertuoline pods will bring the authentic flavors of different regions to your doorstep.

Suppose you are a fan of Colombian coffee, which has a strong sweetness of caramel and a pinch of nuttiness to keep you active all day long. In that case, you can go for that particular flavor.

Suppose you prefer a nutty pea taste in your coffee with some flavor of cocoa. In that case, you can go for Brazilian coffee, which is again available in the form of Vertuoline pods. There are different flavors of coffee or espresso available in pods, with a brand named Nespresso Virtualine pods.

Top 5 Nespresso Vertuo Pods


Nespresso Solelio

Our Rating

Nespresso Solelio Review

Flavors: Nespresso Solelio is a mild roasted coffee pod. It is a blended mixture of toasted, enriched caramel and aromas of the red fruits.

It is a mixture of two different coffee beans, one is Colombian coffee beans, and another is Kenya coffee beans. Solelio coffee blend features a blend that gives a lightly roasted balanced coffee with low acidity components.

The coffee pod will provide you with a sufficient amount of coffee that will last for a longer experience.

Eco Friendly: The company is very particular about the recycling process of these aluminum coffee capsules.

These capsules are recyclable, and the company commits or guarantees the freshness of the coffee every time it gets refilled.

It helps to protect the environment by generating less solid waste. Each pack contains thirty pods of coffee, which are sufficient for longer use.

Drawbacks: A few disadvantages of using these pods as the Vertuoline machines use a unique code mentioned on the capsules.

The machine will only work when the original line pods are used to brew coffee.

It is not usable with any other product which is available in the market. You are not allowed to buy any other type of pods to make espresso or coffee here.

Preference: Nespresso coffee is a bit bitter in taste. It might not be suitable for your taste buds if you are not a big fan of bitter coffee.

It is lightly roasted coffee beans and not suitable for some people or a big fan of bitter coffee. 

Finding the right coffee pods can be challenging as well. Several companies are selling similar looking pods online.


Nespresso Stormio

Our Rating

Nespresso Stormio Review

Flavors: Nespresso Stormia is a dark roasted coffee. It Is a blended mixture of multitude aroma, which is basically a combination of Guatemalan and Nicaraguan coffee.

You can get a woody flavor in it with some spice mix. It is a perfect coffee for a fresh start in the morning, or it can be your next favorite flavor of coffee in your workplace. The strong flavors will allow you to stay awake in the afternoon.

Potential: The Nespresso stormio is a blend of dark roasted beans with spice, making it a perfect combination for workaholics.

A strong cup of coffee can do wonders for your body as well.

Strong coffees are often considered as a perfect weight loss drink; you can have them in the morning to see a visible result. The drink portion is very appropriate, which is good for a long drinking experience of coffee.

Drawbacks: The coffee pods have their own drawbacks; the pods cannot be stored for long periods. The essence and the coffee’s true flavors might get lost if it is not used for longer periods. Multiple sellers are selling duplicate products in the market. You need to buy Nespresso pods from the stores directly to avoid any problems.

Preference: Strong coffees are mostly preferred by the people working in an office or any other place. Excess consumption of strong coffee can lead to several health issues. It can trigger insomnia and restlessness in the body, and strong coffee is not recommendable for pregnant ladies.


Nespresso Elvazio

Our Rating

Nespresso Elvazio Review

Flavors: Nespresso Elvazio is light or mild roasted coffee. It is a combination of two different beans that come from two different places. 

It is a fine blend of Arabic coffee beans and South American coffee beans. It has a fruity flavor, with some light aromatic roasted coffee taste.

The flavors are very calming, and it will easily go with your evening snacks. The mild flavors of fruits will keep you fresh, and the coffee itself will keep you energetic all day.

Potential: Nespresso Elvazio is a perfect mixture of South American Arabica coffee beans, brewed with rich layers of taste to proved lighter intensity. 

Mild flavors coffees are best for coffee lovers who can’t go a day without coffee. The portion of the coffee is very appropriate which can be long-lasting.

Drawbacks: The intensity of the coffee is 4, which is not suitable for some people. The mild taste of this particular version is good for your evening coffee needs.

It will not provide you with a strong kick of caffeine that keeps you awake all day long. It is not beneficial for office use. If you don’t like any other flavor mix with your coffee, this Nespresso Elvazio is not for you.

Preference: Some people prefer coffee with a pure coffee flavor as they think the combination brings down the coffee’s original flavors.

This coffee has strong fruity flavors, which might not be preferable to few people. You should buy after reading all the ingredients present in this particular version of Nespresso pods.


Nespresso Scuro

Our Rating

Nespresso Scuro Review

Flavors: Nespresso scuro is a dark roasted espresso coffee. It is enriched by cocoa and vanilla’s dark smoky flavors, making it a dark espresso coffee.

The Central American coffee beans are mixed with smoky flavors of vanilla and cacao to obtain such taste. It is a very strong coffee with no flavor. This is the perfect coffee for pulling all-nighters with.

Potential: This Nespresso Scuro expresso is a perfectly blended mixture of strong and balanced intense flavors of roasted coffee beans. Robusta and arabica coffee beans are a perfect combination of strong espresso.

The dark and bold flavors of the coffee will keep you energetic throughout the day. Breakfast is undoubtedly the best time to have this coffee, but you can also enjoy its flavors at lunch.

The high-quality pack ensures that the freshness of the Coffee is retained for your Nespresso Vertuoline machine.

Drawbacks: The expiry dates of this coffee are very short. You need to finish the capsules within the given period to get the authentic flavors mentioned in the packets.

Once you open the package, it becomes hard to reseal it, so the only choice you have now is to use and finish them as quickly as possible.

Preference: The preference of coffee varies from person to person. Some like their coffee strong, while others want medium roasted beans.

The flavors of the coffee can only reach their peak only when it is brewed properly.

Suppose you want to have the perfect desirable taste of the coffee you like. In that case, you need to buy the Nespresso original line machine to brew this coffee with Nespresso coffee pods.


Nespresso Assortment

Our Rating

Nespresso Assortment Review

Flavors: Nespresso assortment pack is a variety pack that contains three different flavors of coffee.

It contains three different flavors which are Stormio, odacio, and melozio. These three flavors of Nespresso coffee are very popular.

Hence, it comes in a combined version, so it can be considered as a family pack. You can get a variety of flavors here; you can make coffee according to your mood and preference at a time.

You can have a strong coffee when you have piles of work left to do, or you can just chill with your friends by having a sip of mild roasted beans coffee.

Potential: This coffee assortment will let you experience the different blends of intensity with each cup. The intensity of stormia is eight, which makes it a perfect strong coffee blend.

The intensity of odacio is seven, and melozio has the lowest intensity, six, making it a mild coffee blend. This family pack can be your best choice if your family members have different choices regarding the coffee’s flavors and intensity. It can fulfill everyone’s needs.

Drawbacks: The expiry dates might differ here when you have different coffee flavors. It is useless for people who have one particular taste, as you cant share it with anyone.

The duplicity of the Nespresso pods is very common nowadays, so you need to be careful while ordering them online.

The websites or app’s return policies can take longer than usual, so it’s better to buy them directly from the stores.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Nespresso pods?

The Nespresso pods are available on Amazon; you can easily place your orders there and track the product till it reaches you. You can also buy these Nespresso pods from the manufacturer directly by placing an order from the official website

How to use a Nespresso machine?

The Nespresso machines are very simple to use; you just need to add water at first, pop your favorite flavored capsule in, and place the cup in the dropping point before pressing the go button.
The machine will do the rest of the work; however, every machine is slightly different from the original, so you can follow a user guideline to operate other machines.

Bottom Line

It is very tricky to pick perfect flavorful coffee; you need to understand the whole process to have a perfect knowledge of the coffee world. The experiments with the flavors can be very exciting, and Nespresso allows you to taste different nations’ popular flavors at your home.

You can add your own favorites and create an unmatchable flavor, which is one of a kind. You can even try Nespresso Virtuoline pods flavors that include arpeggio, livanto, altissio, etc.

You must remember that only Nespresso Vertuoline machines can use these pods to brew the coffee – the pods are not compatible with other machines.