Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss [3 Things You NEED to Know!]

I can’t go on my day without my morning coffee.

Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss

You can imagine how appalled I was by the notion of starting my day with coffee that’s loaded with grass-fed butter. It wasn’t until I saw how my partner’s energy levels remained stable throughout the day that I gave in, and it was one hell of an experience!

I’ve tried a lot of options until I reached the best coffee creamer for weight loss. Today, I’ll share with you my top picks.


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Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder, Coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides for Pure Clean Energy, Ketogenic Non Dairy Coffee Creamer, Bulk Supplement, Helps Boost Ketones, Salted Caramel
  • Improves ketosis
  • Helps suppress appetite
  • Heavenly taste
  • Affordable price

Top 5 Coffee Creamers for Weight Loss


Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder, Coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides for Pure Clean Energy, Ketogenic Non Dairy Coffee Creamer, Bulk Supplement, Helps Boost Ketones, Salted Caramel

As the name suggests, Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 powder is a perfect pick for a coffee creamer when you want to lose weight, especially if you’re on Keto. The creamer is just MCT oil in a powder form. Plain and simple. This also means it dissolves better than the liquid creamers in coffee and tea.

The brand is a staple in every ketogenic’s diet kit, and it usually delivers on its promises. It’s one of the few creamers that impact your energy level and help you get through the day without sugar. People who tried it while doing intermittent fasting were satisfied.


  • Improves ketosis
  • Helps suppress appetite
  • Heavenly taste
  • Affordable price


  • Can be oversweetened for some


Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer, No Dairy & Low Sugar Powder with Collagen Peptides Supplement - Supporting Healthy Hair, Skin, Nails with Energy-Boosting MCTs - Mocha 11.2oz

Vital Proteins’ creamer will not only help you lose weight, but it’ll also help improve the health of your hair, nails, and joints. Paired with a healthy diet and a decent skincare regimen, your skin might start glowing after a couple of weeks!

In addition to MCT and coconut oils, Vital Proteins’ creamer contains collagen peptides, the secret ingredient to boosting your health and appearance.

The only downside to this creamer is that it contains about 1g of sugar per serving. According to the bottle, there are 12 servings there, assuming you take 2 scoops per serving.

However, I’d say that’s a lot, especially if you’re on keto or paleo. One scoop would be more than enough.


  • Dairy and gluten free
  • Contains collagen to improve skin and nails
  • Nice coconut taste
  • Mocha flavor


  • A bit clumpy when blended


Omega Power Creamer

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Omega PowerCreamer - Original Keto Coffee Creamer - Grass fed Ghee, MCT Oil, Organic Coconut Oil | Sugar Free, Low Carb, Gluten Free, Liquid, No Refrigeration (20 Servings)

Taking the discipline of keto-friendly food ingredients seriously, Omega’s PowerCreamer was introduced to the market to go perfectly with your bulletproof coffee.

PowerCreamer is a liquid formula rich in MCT oil, making it a nice source of healthy fat. If you’re on paleo or calorie deficit diets, I’d be glad to tell you that this creamer has 0 net carbs and is gluten-free.

Moreover, it’s organic and made of grass-fed ghee, meaning that it’s lactose and casein free.

It’s available in a variety of flavors; vanilla, pumpkin spice, salted caramel, coconut, chocolate cocoa, and even cinnamon rolls. Is there added sugar in the flavored versions? Nope, just stevia. Zero calories and keto-friendly!


  • 100% organic
  • Impressive ingredients’ list
  • Stays liquid at room temperature
  • Available in 7 different flavors


  • Requires a blender to blend well with coffee


Rapid Fire Ketogenic Creamer

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RAPID FIRE Ketogenic Creamer with MCT Oil for Coffee or Tea, Supports Energy and Metabolism, Weight Loss, Ketogenic Diet 8.5 oz. (20 servings)

If you’d really love to indulge in the experience of having creamy, fatty coffee on your ketogenic diet, there’s nothing “creamier” than Rapid Fire’s Ketogenic Creamer!

Rapid Fire’s creamer is not for the faint-hearted. It’ll suit those who’ve been on keto for a while, those who’re now craving the richness of butter in their coffee. This creamer is made up of MCT oil and coconut oil. It’s rich in fatty acids, which help in the production of ketones. Hence, improving the ketosis process. Isn’t that the goal of keto, after all?

According to the instructions, add 2 tablespoons to your tea and coffee to get the mix right. According to reviewers, you need to pay extra attention to stirring to avoid lumpiness.


  • Gives a pleasant taste to strong coffee
  • Himalayan salt boosts metabolism
  • Super creamy


  • The bottle comes half full, which is disappointing compared to the price


360 Nutrition KETO Creamer With MCT Oil | Sweetened with Coconut Sugar | Dairy Free Coffee Creamer Milk Substitute | Weight Loss, Energy, Fat Loss, Supports Ketosis…

You can be on Keto and still have a sweet tooth. I know the struggle, and that’s why I’m reviewing 360 Nutrition Keto creamer here. You’ll get your nutrients with a pinch of sugar!

360 Nutrition Keto creamer almost ticks all checkboxes on your keto-friendly list. It’s vegan with no dairy ingredients. Plus, it’s gluten and soy-free. However, it contains coconut sugar as a sweetener, which isn’t ideal but acceptable.

You’ll get about 4g of carbs per serving, so you have to include them in your calculations. The advised serving is 2 spoons, but most reviewers found that one is more than enough because it tastes sweeter than other similar creamers.


  • Nice taste
  • Dairy and soy-free
  • Blends seamlessly
  • Gives your alertness and focus a push


  • A bit too sweet

How to Choose the Best Coffee Creamer for Weight Loss

The truth is that the best option for weight loss is black coffee: no sugar, no milk, no cream.

But I know that it’s not everyone’s choice, and no one is willing to ruin their morning cup of joe for a few burnt calories.

Here are 3 tips to help you pick the best coffee creamer for weight loss.

Tip #1 - MCT Oil Is Essential

Since you made it here, you’ve probably noticed how all options rely heavily on MCT oil. Derived from coconut oil, medium-chain triglyceride oil is easily digested because of the relatively short length of its fat chains.

In retrospect, using MCT oil-based creamer with your coffee will help stimulate ketosis and lose body fat.

Tip #2 - No Sugar

Avoid sugar at all costs, especially in your creamer. Most creamers use sugar alternatives like stevia for sweetening, and that’s enough—no need to get more calories for no reason.

Besides, sugar will mess up your glycemic index, which will make you hungry in no time.

Tip #3 - Flavors

Healthy coffee creamers are available in a bunch of flavor variations for a reason, mainly to help you fight the sugar deficiency!

Having cinnamon, zero-calorie vanilla extract, or even honey as a flavor in your creamer will improve the taste and satisfy your sweet tooth without harming your diet.

Wrapping Up

Since we drink coffee daily, using a healthy coffee creamer is a must. If it were up to me, the best option would be Perfect Keto MCT Oil C8 Powder, followed by Omega PowerCreamer.