Portafilter Podcast #105

Portafilter Podcast Episode 105

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters and TruBru.com

Summary & Links:
TheĀ PRESS RELEASE we read on the show
YouTube link: Bree (the most popular Barista in the Pacific Northwest)

ICE Coffee “C” Futures
“At The Cupping Table” with Trish and Mie from 49th Parallel.
Ethiopian Coffee “BladderGate” (more reading) LINK: Portafilter Podcast #58 interview with Getachew Mengistie
The future of the Keurig single-cup coffee system (LINK: SF Bay Coffee OneCup)
Our Top-5 list of the Most Fascinating Things in Specialty Coffee in 2011

Duration: 1h 31m 19s

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Twitter: @pfpodcast @nickcho @inmanunfiltered
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One Response to Portafilter Podcast #105

  1. Leo Cedeno says:

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcasts! Lots of useful information.
    Are you guys still thinking about broadcasting more?

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