Gaggia Portafilter – Bottomless (Naked) Portafilter

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There are so many options when it comes to buying a new Gaggia portafilter. Whether you want to experiment with a different one or replace your current one, a quick search on the internet will immediately overwhelm you with endless results.

Gaggia, however, is always going to be a trustworthy option. Why, you ask?

  • Gaggia has been making top-of-the-line home coffee equipment for more than two decades.
  • Achille Gaggia invented the first lever-operated espresso machine in 1948, paving the way for how we make espresso today.
  • Their products get consistently good reviews with an average of four out of five stars.

To help you narrow it down a little, we’ll be reviewing one of Gaggia’s most popular portafilters: the Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter.

To make exploring coffee blends easy for you, we’ve weighed out the pros and cons of the best Gourmesso products in the market.

Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter

Our Rating

Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter Review

We Like

  • Makes coffee with a thicker crema than usual
  • Helps you get better at tamping
  • Durable and stain resistant, likely to last for at least a decade
  • Made in Italy

We Don’t Like

  • Hard to get the hang of pulling an espresso shot with bottomless portafilter
  • Uneven tamping will result in coffee spraying from the bottom of the portafilter, which can be very annoying
  • Not compatible with newer Gaggia machines

Our Verdict

The bottomless Gaggia portafilter is a must-have, even if you don’t use it every time you brew coffee. It helps you to improve your tamping and remove any channeling, while offering a thicker crema which is the dream of every home barista!

Gaggia Portafilter Review

This is one of their bestsellers on several platforms online and has been deemed a great option for beginners as well as professional baristas.

The first question we have to ask ourselves is the most obvious one: Why is it Naked?

Gaggia Portafilter

Look at the picture above. That’s the bottom of the portafilter you see right there.  Do you notice anything?

Yes; the bottom doesn’t have any spouts. Usually portafilters will have one spout so that the brewed coffee is efficiently directed into the cup. The double spout is a common sight in coffee shops, so that baristas can make two cups of coffee at the same time.

And yet, the naked portafilter has no spout(s). And that is precisely the point.

Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter Review

That’s how beautiful pulling a shot looks in a naked portafilter. What is it like using the naked (aka bottomless) Gaggia portafilter?

The handle is made of a rubber-like material which seems impervious to high temperatures, which is great because some portafilters can get hot even when they are designed not to.

During testing we found this one in particular seems to be on another level when it comes to the quality of the materials. Very similar to the handle in a moka pot.

The rest of the Gaggia portafilter is very aesthetic. The chrome finish is absolutely flawless and doesn’t seem to get stained even though coffee is quite nasty when it comes into contact with just about any sort of material.

As with any bottomless portafilter, it will take some time to get used to pulling espresso shots naked and any errors in your tamping, such as channeling, will result in a messy kitchen as the espresso leaks out through the channels when being extracted under pressure.

That said given the high quality of this portafilter, and the tight tolerances we found that it didn’t take too long before we were able to pull the perfect espresso – with an instagram worthy photo or video moment and a much richer and thicker crema than one would expect from a standard spouted portafilter.

Bottomless Naked Portafilter with 3 Cup Basket 21 g Replacement for Gaggia
  • Bottomless Naked Portafilter Filterholder with 3 Cup Basket 21 g for Gaggia
  • Also suits Kitchen Aid
  • NOT for Gaggia models after 2015 Key Product Features


  • 3 cup basket, holds up to 21 grams of ground coffee
  • Chrome finish
  • Suits most Gaggia, KitchenAid home espresso machines (Not for Gaggia models made after 2015)
  • 9.84 x 3.35 x 3.31 inches
  •  Weighs 15.5 ounces


Will this Gaggia portafilter work with my Gaggia espresso machine?

Gaggia Portafilter

In most cases, yes. The big majority or 99% of Gaggia machines manufactured before 2015 are made to use 58mm portafilters, which the Gaggia Naked Portafilter is.

After that date, not all Gaggia machines are fit to use this exact product. Check your machine’s specifications to see what kind of portafilter it uses: if it’s 58mm, you can use this one.

Can I use my old portafilters basket in this portafilter?

You must check first. This portafilter cannot be used with pressurized baskets because of the way they are made; they will simply not work.

While some portafilters are able to use both non-pressurized and pressurized baskets, it is not the case with the Gaggia Naked Portafilter. Only non-pressurized baskets can be used with this particular product.

Do I need to have previous experience to use this Gaggia portafilter?

Not a requirement, however it will come in handy. Because this Gaggia portafilter doesn’t use a spout, there is a high risk of coffee coming out of the bottom violently- this is because if the grounds aren’t evenly tamped, water won’t flow freely, meaning that a lot of pressure accumulates and then bursts violently.

Does a bottomless portafilter make better coffee?

It depends on your personal taste. A lot of people say that naked portafilters are better because they make a lot of crema – however, this is only true if you already know how to properly work one. Simply using a naked portafilter instead of a regular one won’t simply result in a thicker layer of crema: one must practice first.


Naked portafilters have a lot of advantages over regular portafilters – not to mention, they are much more fun to play around with and definitely more photogenic than others.

In my opinion, this Gaggia bottomless portafilter is a must-have for home baristas, even if you don’t use it every time you brew coffee.

There are, however, some downsides.

There is a lot of work to do at first, since uneven tamping of the grounds can result in coffee spraying all over, staining your machine, the surrounding area, and your clothes, too! For some who value convenience, this might just be a completely unnecessary process that is not worth all the advantages.

In any case, what is indisputable is that the Gaggia Portafilter is a high-quality product, used by professionals and semi-professionals alike – manufactured in Italy and made with materials of the highest quality.

Such a purchase is the kind that you won’t regret because it will remain in top condition even after years of heavy use!

Gaggia Portafilter

Gaggia Bottomless Portafilter

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