How to Like Coffee? 5 Tips You Need To Know

By Mark •  Updated: 05/18/22 •  6 min read

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Do you hate coffee but want to fit in with all of the coffee snobs you know? The fact is that coffee is an acquired taste for some individuals, especially those who have black or green tea as part of their morning cup.

If you dislike coffee, it might be because you are drinking darker roasts with a bitter flavor. On the other hand, light roasts taste a bit like caramel or dark chocolate and please the palates of those who desire a sweeter drink with a delicate flavor.

Die-hard coffee drinkers will tell caffeine-avoidant individuals that “you just haven’t found the right coffee drink yet.”

Whether or not you like the taste of coffee depends on many factors, including whether or not it is drip coffee, is milky, or has an espresso flavor.

Making your coffee badly or drinking instant coffee might be limiting your perception of how good coffee tastes. The fresh coffee beans, steamed milk, and flavorings make coffee shop drinks so delicious.

How to Like Coffee?

How Can I Train Myself to Like Coffee?

How Can I Train Myself to Like Coffee
How Can I Train Myself to Like Coffee

Training yourself to do anything means making that thing a daily habit, so it is suggested that you develop a daily coffee routine.

The easiest way to start is to brew yourself a cup of excellent coffee every morning. If this is difficult, start your morning at a coffee shop. After a few days, you may crave a cup after you get up.

Another good time of day to enjoy fresh coffee is mid-afternoon when your body gets a lift from the caffeine.

It won’t be long before the smell of brewing coffee triggers pleasant associations that have you plotting mid-day outings to coffee shops.

How Can I Drink Coffee if I Hate Coffee?

If you can’t stand the taste of coffee, there are some ways to trick your mind into thinking that you are consuming something else.

Your coffee journey should begin with thinking of it as a liquid dessert that you can dress up with chocolate powder, vanilla sugar, flavored syrups, and even a shot of alcohol.

Coffee flavor can also be disguised with cinnamon and liqueur-flavored creamers mellowed by adding milk or even a sprinkle of hot chocolate mix.

If you have not tried a single-origin coffee before, try that instead of drinking a brewed regular coffee with a generous two ounces of cream. An iced coffee topped with half-and-half cream is equally tasty.

If you have never tried a flat white coffee, just regular brewed coffee mixed with warm milk, that might do the trick. 

Becoming an expert coffee drinker means visiting coffee shops and trying out every type of coffee drink. So be adventurous.

Good Coffee Loves Cream

One of the best ways to mellow the bitter taste of coffee is to add natural cream to it.

The higher the fat percentage in the cream, the smoother the taste. Using natural cream with at least 10% fat is recommended, as long as you always have a cold place to store it.

However, using natural cream can be expensive, so cheaper dairy-free creamers made of sugar substitutes, thickeners, and oils, might be helpful.

Using these comes in many flavors, including caramel, cinnamon roll, banana nut, Bailey’s Irish Cream, French Vanilla, and hazelnut. Powdered versions of some of these flavored creamers are also available.

Creamers work well for lactose-intolerant individuals as well.

Can You Drink Coffee Creamer Left Out Overnight?

Whether the coffee creamer you use is dairy-based, nut-based, or oil-based, it needs to be returned to the fridge. After being opened, leaving any creamer out on a counter for over an hour is risky. Throw any creamer left out overnight away.

Liquid creamer keeps for up to two months in the fridge. Unopened powdered creamer needs no refrigeration, and one canister can last for two months.

How Can I Enjoy Drinking Coffee?

How Can I Enjoy Drinking Coffee
How Can I Enjoy Drinking Coffee

Great coffee starts with a bag of high-quality beans that are freshly grown and a home coffee brewer.

A straight, black coffee with no creamers, oat milk, or almond milk suits some taste buds better than a regular coffee order.

If that fails, try a nitro brew, or cold brew coffee, served in a chilled glass of ice, and forget about ordering the “double cream, double sugar.”

Try Different Coffee Beans

Like fine wines, coffee beans come in different varieties, each with its own roasting process. It starts with heating the raw green beans to a light, medium, or dark roast. Light roasts are also called blondes.

Choose The Right Coffee Roast

If you think that coffee has a bitter taste, you may be drinking a cheaper dark roast coffee. These often have a burnt aftertaste that many find unpleasant.

Blonde roasts are more floral, and some have a sweeter citrus kick to them and are the best choice for drip coffee.

Why Does My Coffee Have A Bitter Taste?

Making coffee is an art, so you find so many coffee lovers clustered in coffee shops. It’s hard to make a tasty vanilla latte or caramel macchiato at home.

Many things affect coffee flavor, including over-grinding coffee beans, the leaking of coffee grounds into the brew, and using too hot water. The use of old or low-quality beans can also affect the taste of coffee.

The bottom line is that sometimes the coffee maker you have at home cannot create a mellow coffee taste. So if you are planning to brew your own hot coffee, it is a good idea to invest in the highest quality blonde beans and the best coffee machine you can afford.

Can I Force Myself To Like Coffee? The Final Answer

You can accomplish anything if you try hard enough, like anything in life. You can force yourself to like coffee, at least to enjoy coffee drinks with friends.

However, you should never risk your health if you are allergic to coffee or have an adverse reaction to caffeine.

When all is said and done, you will probably never love coffee if you have tried everything to make it taste better. So if you still can’t convince yourself to like coffee after all this, politely decline that pricey caramel macchiato from your barista and order a cup of tea.


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